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Risk Management Solutions

Our Risk Management Program is unique in the industry with a dedicated Registered Nurse available full-time to brokers and their clients.


InterRemedy’s on-staff nurse

The methodology consists of a comprehensive review of data including (but not limited to): pre-certification reports, case management reports, monthly paid claim and rx reports.

InterRemedy’s Risk Management Program

The Risk Management Program is designed to support Case Management services and any other cost containment resources currently in place.

InterRemedy’s additional resources

InterRemedy provides additional resources as necessary in order to achieve maximum savings. Once a potential catastrophic claim is identified, InterRemedy collaborates with all appropriate parties to ensure the best possible medical and financial outcome.

InterRemedy’s program provides

The program provides a set of highly cost-effective tools to manage potential catastrophic claims in an efficient single-point-of-contact system. Our collaborative approach involves the administrator, utilization review, and case management providers, and gives each access to additional resources without increasing the administrative burden of implementing cost containment programs.

Program features include:

• Customized group reporting
• Laser mitigation
• In and out of network claim review and negotiation
• Large case management oversight
• Disease management & wellness programs
• Bill pre-screen services
• Bill audit and negotiation services

• Cancer management networks
• Transplant management networks
• Specialty pharmacy programs
• Dialysis cost containment programs
• Physician review services
• Utilization review and case management services